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There’s no better way to learn than having fun playing with games and puzzles!

The fantastic Doron range consists of a beautiful selection of colourful and beautifully illustrated wooden games, puzzles and activities designed for children from as young as 18 months up to 5 years or more.

Try Angle! just one of the beautifully made high quality wooden games and puzzles
large easy to grip wooden knobs make this a great shape sorter for younger children.

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Interesting Facts About Puzzles

Children who play with puzzles between ages 2 and 4 later develop better spatial skills, a study by University of Chicago researchers has found. Puzzle play was found to be a significant predictor of spatial skill after controlling for differences in parents’ income, education and the overall amount of parent language input.

In examining video recordings of parents interacting with children during everyday activities at home, researchers found children who play with puzzles between 26 and 46 months of age have better spatial skills when assessed at 54 months of age.

The ability to mentally transform shapes is an important predictor of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) course-taking, degrees and careers in older children. Activities such as early puzzle play may lay the groundwork for the development of this ability, the study found.

Source : University of Chicago