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Halilit FTP

The Halilit FTP site has a full selection of images used in our current and past catalogue in varying formats.

The FTP details are as follows
Address :
Port : 21 (If Required)
Mode : Active

The site is password protected. A login account will be provided to customers upon request. Contact details are available from our contact page.

We recommend using the excellent FTP client Filezilla which can be downloaded free of charge from here. Select 'Download Filezilla Client' then select the 'Windows option' or 'More download options' for Linux etc. Then Click 'Problems with the download? Please use this direct link.' (Approx 5Mb in size). If the source-forge download manager starts click cancel and try the 'direct link' again.

The FTP can also be accessed by a web browser.

In some cases you must first ensure that the 'Active FTP option is enabled'.

For Internet Explorer

Goto 'Tools' The cog icon or press 'Alt-x' 'Internet Options/Advanced' scroll down to the 'Browsing' Section and find the entry 'Use Passive FTP (for Firewall and DSL Modem Compatibility)' UNCHECK this option.

For Google Chrome

Chrome shares Internet Options with Internet explorer for some reason so follow the instructions outlined above

For Firefox

Sorry this is not supported but for some useres will work fine.

Once done enter '' (No Quotes) in the browser address bar substituting the user name and password you have been supplied.

Alternatively just enter '' (No Quotes) press enter and the browser will ask you for a username and password which you must type in.

Web Page Printing

Our web site has been designed using the latest web standards to be as accessible as possible and compatible with as many web browsers as possible. (We recommend Internet Explorer 10 or 11, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) Unfortunately as a side effect of this when printing the site you may experience missing images on the page. This is due to most browsers disabling the printing of background images.

To remedy this do the following.

For Internet explorer *

Goto print preview (NOT PRINT) Shown Below (Click to enlarge)

Select 'Page Setup' (Alt+U) [A Circled in RED] Then tick 'Print Background Colours and Images' [B Circled in GREEN] and print.

For Firefox *

Goto print preview (NOT PRINT)

Select 'Page Setup' Then tick 'Print Background Colours and Images' and print. This is a common problem on many sites not designed to be printed.

* In Internet Explorer and Firefox if you cannot see print preview RIGHT Click on the topmost bar of the IE or Firefox window and check the 'Menu Bar' option. 'Print Preview' is under the 'File' Option.

For Google Chrome

goto 'Print' Then Check the box marked 'Print Background Colours and Images'


This web site makes use of HTML5 video and other modern web technologies in some sections. Because of this some parts of this site will not work in older browsers especially internet explorer 8 or lower.

We would therefore suggest using a more modern browser such as IE 10 or 11, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. We are sorry for any problems this may cause. Links to some of these browsers can be found here on the right of this page.

Useful Links



Excellent free ftp client and server software for most operating systems.


Google Chrome

Google's minimalist web browser.


Mozilla Firefox

Excellent web browser with many specialist add-on's


Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft's web browser is fast and full featured.

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