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Children can have great fun making real music with Halilit Musical Instruments.

Xylophones and Glockenspiels are electronically tuned for correct pitch so that they are completely note perfect and all Drums and Tambourines produce a great sound because of the professional quality skin.

There are real Xylophones and Drums that are safe from 12 months and many of the Rattles and Shakers are suitable for children as young as 3 months.

Have a look at the range of Gift Sets, some which are designed for children as young as 6 months.

There are lots of other sets as well which suit children of between 18 months to over 3 years. Gift Set retail prices start from as low as £10.00. Perfect for any special occasion!

Our instruments are made in vibrant colours to make them as attractive as possible to all little ones.

All Halilit products meet the highest manufacturing and educational standards and there is no better way to encourage a child’s development than to start them with our authentic Musical Instruments.

Look at our ‘Playgroup and School Stuff’ page for giant Educational sets.

Below are a few highlights from our Musical Instrument range.

Baby Drum
Ideal first drum with a great sound & 2 child safe beaters
The unique "Mini Orchestra" looks as good as it sounds.
Accurately tuned 3 section recorder Will give them a good foundation.
Accurately tuned Xylophone. Colourful to boot!

Music Filler

Interesting Facts About Music

  1. Children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music lessons.
  2. Studying music primes the brain to comprehend speech in a noisy background.
  3. Research shows that music is to the brain as physical exercise is to the human body. Music tones the brain for auditory fitness and allows it to decipher between tone and pitch.
  4. Children who study a musical instrument are more likely to excel in all of their studies, work better in teams, have enhanced critical thinking skills, stay in school, and pursue further education.
  5. Elementary age children who are involved in music lessons show greater brain development and memory improvement within a year than children who receive no musical training.

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