Preschool headder

Sensory toys are especially important for the very young who are learning all about the world around them and who delight in toys that allow them to experience sounds and textures.

Halilit Sensory Balls are soft textured, easy to grip and catch, and make a perfect first ball for little ones. They come in a variety of sizes and colours with versions in both solid and translucent colours.

Linkets are bumpy, flexible links that push together to make colourful chains whilst the larger Fishies clip and link via their tails.

Full of sensory delight, the See Me Sensory Ball is soft textured, easy to grip and catch, a perfect first ball for the little ones.

Look at the ‘My Soft World’ City or Farm each made from soft durable foam that looks like wood but isn’t Image 749074 with child and the fantastic Baby Connects and Sensory Snap Beads that are great for children from 12months.

My Soft World City.
Sensory Snap Beads

Other highlights from our pre-school range include Linkets and he Adventure Road Map.